The ministry was founded by Casey and Judy Kooiman, themselves recovered addicts, in 2007. It was formed to answer the urgent call to effectively combat the plight of substance abuse in our community.

We are a faith based organisation and take the stance of “community helping community", focussing on the individual and not the stigma.
We take the approach that an addict is someone’ s son, daughter, mother, father, brother, sister or friend, and that this person is just as much a part of our community as what we are.

We realize that substance abuse in our country is not just going to go away and that ignoring this problem will effectively make it worse.
We recognize that there is a social moral decay in our community, in our homes, schools and relationships and that falling into a lifestyle that involves drinking, promiscuity, rebellion, un-ethical behaviour and drug addiction has become easier and far more attractive than ever before.

The Guardian Project Ministry is dedicated to standing against this very real problem in our community and aims to reintroduce moral standard back into the lives of the people we encounter.
The scourge of illegal drugs will steal those closest to you and will destroy everything you hold dear.

Somewhere, someone is going to have to draw the line. Someone will have to say enough.
This is the credo of the Guardian Project Ministry.


The Guardian Project Ministry has set up Ezekiel House in Zwavelpoort in Pretoria East (The Centre).

From there we run a recovery centre for drug dependant people who have fallen into a lifestyle that has put them into self- destruct mode.

We offer a long term solution to the issue of addiction, as we recognize that short term treatment does not allow a drug dependant person to concentrate on their recovery, or on the multitude of underlying issues that led to the lifestyle that they find themselves in. Long term treatment also provides the dependant or their family enough time to deal with the damage that has been done.

The aim of long term treatment is to remove the dependant person from the environment that has enabled destructive behaviour, placing them in a safe, secure and supervised environment.
They are also helped through individual counselling, group sessions and spiritual coaching classes to empower them to be able to examine themselves and to encourage better life skills and good moral living standards. A road is walked with the dependant and they are helped to confront these issues in their lives.

Classes help the dependant person to build a new Biblical foundational belief system, and they are taught how to apply this into their life and life situation. The dependant person is taught to build a foundation to start life as a contributing member to society and to be held accountable to themselves and to others when being re-integrated into mainstream society.

The unique Guardian Project Three Phase Program involves looking at a person on a spiritual, emotional and physical level.
Spiritually and emotionally, we introduce phase counseling, class and group systems that work with the individual on a personal and social level.

This helps the individual to identify the problem areas in his/her life and deal effectively with their problems, using Scripture and Biblical principles to change their attitude toward themselves, to life and to their circumstances.

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